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Once people experience the excitement of Dancesport, they want to learn more and become more involved. 

As with any sport, it is vital to have the right training and equipment. Dancesport is no different. 

From the right shoes and clothing, to cosmetics and music, a dancer needs the proper equipment to give them every advantage. 

That's why the American Dancesport Organization (ADO) offers a new membership program! 

The ADO membership helps dancers achieve their goals.

How can the ADO membership program help you? 

The ADO offers discounts on all of this equipment and much more to help you learn, dance, practice and compete at your best.        

The right shoes are essential. The support, control and look a good dance shoe offers allows you to stop worrying what is on your feet, and start using those feet to their best advantage. That's why ADO offers discounts on the best dance shoes around. For all your dance shoe needs, our discount partners will help you find the shoe that fits - for a better price.        

Any competitor knows how important it is to look good and stand out on the dance floor. The ADO works only with the best. For original and fun dance apparel, and for the top dressmakers in North America, let ADO get you out on the floor with style for less.        

What would dancing be without music? After all, timing is everything. Let our discount partners bring you great music at better price, as well as excellent videos and books on Dancesport to improve your game...or to enjoy just for fun.        

A finished look is vital for any competitor. That's why good cosmetics and hair products are a must. ADO's discount partners will help to complete your picture on the dance floor with top quality cosmetics, skin and hair products through a company dedicated to Dancesport.       

Wouldn't it be nice if it was more affordable to travel to Dancesport competitions and events? Now it is with your ADO membership. Let ADO help you travel to events more affordably, or even more frequently! Through your membership, you will receive discounts for air travel and car rentals. Our own official ADO travel agent to help you arrange your travel plans with these discounts. 


Your membership includes a subscription to Dancesport Magazine, the official magazine of the ADO. Filled with spectacular photos, Dancesport Magazine features exciting new developments in Dancesport, including major events, profiles of people in Dancesport, informative articles, television and the media, and children in Dancesport. As a member, you won't miss a single issue!     

Every quarter, you will receive a newsletter, with information specifically for members, including any additional new discounts and benefits available to ADO members and a special editorial section for you to give your input and opinions!        

Call 1-800-ADO-8211
Apply for membership here

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